Just saw my first and hopefully last ep of catfished. Gotta say that I think the old Jezebel article (or was it a Gawker article?) about the show was right on. What it really highlights is how delusional/narcissistic the "victims" are. The guy on the episode I just watched is a very very average guy. And he thought that this tall, thin, perfectly styled, model-type girl was in love with him? Pshhh. And the sad part is that after he realizes that the girl is just an average person like him he kind of realizes that he was a little deluded and that maybe, her wanting to be a different person isn't so different from his wanting her to be a different person. But the "host" totally winds him up. That is, he doesn't let the guy think about why he fell for the fake-girl, and just insists that he think about how she's a lier. Again I say Pshhh.


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