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I just want to share that some of the meanest, most trollish comments I've recieved around here (with one exception) I've received in the last few hours in response to my post on the Gawker article about the New Dog Breeds.

What I pointed out was that the American Kennel Club (quoted in the article) is responsible for blocking anti-cruelty and anti-puppy mill legislation and that people should buy from breeders that sell AKC papers with their puppies. (In fact, people shouldn't buy dogs at all.)


I've dismissed the comments, including a comment about shelter dogs biting off peoples' faces, and me being a trendy 20 something who thinks she knows the truth about dogs.

But, wow... Why is that people get so irate about this issue? I swear, I always get more crazy, angry, incoherent comments when I say something about dogs than when I do about abortion.

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